Why Scotland Is Better Than England

The conquered may yet become the conquerer

Paul Greenberg
2 min readAug 19, 2022


Will Scotland light the way for the UK’s future? (Tobermory Lighthouse, Isle of Mull by Paul Greenberg)

After two weeks in Scotland I’m starting to understand First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s point of view. Of course I am naturally inclined to the positions of a politician who has an ancient fish for a surname. But over and above that, what one witnesses in this northern republic in comparison with the policies of its surly southern neighbor is striking to say the least. Here you find a country which has chosen a sane, rational and above all people-friendly path for its citizens. A republic that understands climate change, the rising cost of living, how to manage a pandemic and the debt a government owes to its citizens. I could go on and on about the breathtaking nature, the superior level of friendliness experienced by the foreign traveller, and even, yes, the food (at least in terms of freshness). But as they say, let’s do the numbers:

University education in England for citizens: Up to £9,250

University education in Scotland for citizens: Free

Brexit majority vote in England: Leave

Brexit majority vote in Scotland: Remain

England July, 2022 maximum temperature: 23.5 C, 2.5 C above normal

Scotland July, 2022 maximum temperature: 18.2 C, .9 C above normal

England rainfall July, 2022: 23.1 mm (driest since 1935)

Scotland rainfall July, 2022: 83.6 mm (10 mm above normal)

England COVID deaths per 100,000: 300

Scotland COVID deaths per 100,000: 280

England % of energy generated from renewables: 39.5%

Scotland % of energy generated renewables: 61.8%

When you “buy” an English house often times you’re buying a leasehold, a system which dates back to the 11th century. Leasehold “owners” never really own their property

When you buy a Scottish house what’s yours is yours thanks to a 2012 change in the law

England national flower: Tudor Rose (ho hum)

Scotland national flower: Thistle (cooler, no?)

England Current Prime Minister: Boris Johnson, described by voters in a 2022 poll by JLPartners most frequently as a, “liar” followed by, “incompetent” and, “untrustworthy”.

Scotland First Minister: Nicola Sturgeon, serving a third term with 53% of Scottish voters saying she is “doing well.”



Paul Greenberg

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