The Four Fish I’d Eat Even After Seaspiracy

My piece in The Guardian this week sparks controversy

Just Four? It’s a debate . . .

This week in The Guardian I have an essay called “The Four Fish I Would Still Eat Even After Watching Seaspiracy.” I wrote it in response to the Netflix film that has brought more attention to the issue of fishing and aquaculture than any single piece of media in the last 20 years. The film left me with many feelings too diverse to spell out here. In fact in the next year I’ll be co-hosting a podcast called Fish Talk that will try to go more deeply into the layered arguments for and against eating seafood. To some degree the essay picks up where I left off in my books Four Fish and American Catch. But it also incorporate some of the things while researching my new book The Climate Diet. Fish, it turns out, are generally pretty good choices from a carbon emissions perspective so squaring the intense anti-fishing message with Seaspiracy with the overall food footprint of humans is a not unimportant thing to do.

What I tried to do in the Guardian piece was to briefly pull out a handful of examples where I still feel comfortable eating from the sea. On Twitter I’m seeing a fair amount of push back from both the fishing industry and the animal rights side of things. Both have legitimate points to make. But I wrote what I wrote in the hopes of spurring further conversation and bringing the debate to a place that’s good for the oceans and humanity. Have a look at the piece and feel free to leave a comment here.

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