A Few AI Cartoon Experiments

I can write captions but I can’t draw

Paul Greenberg
2 min readMay 23, 2024


Photo by vackground.com on Unsplash

Anyone else out there have a cartoon idea and can’t draw it? Well, that’s me. I never got past stick figures and water color sunsets. And yet . . .

Every few months I have an idea for a cartoon and nowadays I’m tempted to try the idea out with an A.I. illustration program. All my artist friends hate when I do this. But when I ask them if they’ll draw my idea they say, “you draw it!” I say, “I can’t draw” they say, “sure you can!” “really, no I can’t.”

So here then are a few that I didn’t draw but I did conceive.

Example 1. Many of my readers know that I keep a garden at Ground Zero in Manhattan. I’ve written about it for The New York Times and The Guardian and my friends with real gardens in the country always ask me if I have any problems with animals eating my crops.

I do not.

But what if I did?

Example 2. Often times, particularly around Rosh Hashanah I get stopped on the streets of New York by Orthodox Jews who ask if I am Jewish.

I am.



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