This is the year to de-center your smartphone

For the sake of yourself and your country, it is time to get off your phone.

Yes, I know you needed to see the latest inquiries into January 6th, the most recent QAnon theories, the debunking of those theories and then the debunking of the debunking. Then perhaps you’ll want…

My grandfather’s unique take on the New York Philharmonic

There were times when my grandfather, the great timpanist Saul Goodman, fell silent behind the helm of his large automobile (sometimes a Lincoln, sometimes a Cadillac). A half smile on his lips he would take in the road ahead while his fingers tapped out something specific on the edges of…

Black Friday is madness. Let’s put the holidays on a Climate Diet

This Christmas you will add over 1400 pounds of CO2 to the atmosphere. Holiday lights, heavy meat consumption, cranking up the heat to make guests toasty — all of these things burn fossil fuels and all increase your annual carbon footprint for the year by more than 5%. Sadly, many…

In the Covid era, it takes a little planning

Last week, I left the United States for the first time in two years. I’d been invited to give a talk about my book Four Fish at Montreal’s Concordia University. But when the organizers suggested I do the event virtually, I declared, “je refuse!”

I am done with zoom talks…

These magnificent trees were our past. Can the they be our future?

The survivors were crammed into the back of a gray Subaru that pulled up to an illegal parking spot a block down from my home just east of Ground Zero. Their savior, a Lorax-resembling retiree named Bart Chezar, had spirited them across the East River from Park Slope, Brooklyn. As…

In the complicated world of seafood, at last a clear choice

It’s a rare occurrence that a black-and-white choice presents itself in the complicated world of ethical seafood buying. The conscientious diner striving to save depleted cod stocks might choose a farmed tilapia for his fish and chips only to learn that his tilapia may have been grown in China and…

The Act turns 50 next year. Let’s make it young again.

When you turn 50, three questions inevitably arise:
1) Who am I?
2) What have I done?
3) What else can I do?

Forty years ago, the U.S. Congress, in an uncharacteristically uncowardly move, overwhelmingly overrode President Nixon’s veto and passed the most powerful law for the protection of water…

How hard can it be to get a local dinner from American seas?

My New England seafood supper is lost over Tennessee.

Two dozen herring, 20 pounds of squid, and a bushel of blue mussels are circling in a thunderstorm over FedEx’s hub in Memphis. If the FedEx pilots manage to land, all that seafood just might make a northbound connecting flight back…

More than 80% of our seafood is imported. That’s a problem.

Here’s a crazy statistic: the U.S. controls more ocean than any country on Earth, and yet more than 80% of our seafood is imported. Here’s another one: America’s favorite fish, salmon, comes to us largely in farmed form from other countries. Meanwhile the U.S. catches way more wild salmon than…

Paul Greenberg

New York Times bestselling author of Four Fish as well as The Climate Diet: Fifty Simple Ways to Trim Your Carbon Footprint

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